Nivolk are a small intelligent woodland creature. It is surmised and rumored that they once had ties to Elves, Pixies, Brownies, and Sprites, but without any proof.

Where elves have molded nature to their lifestyle over the ages, Nivolk have sought to live in harmony within nature. Their cities are the cities found within the trees, roots, and hollows of ancient forests. They make use of natural terrain to absorb their cities.

In appearance Nivolk look much like miniature elves. Lithe bodies, almond shaped eyes, a lack of facial hair, and pointy ears. But they tend to be 4’0" or shorter. They often will have mounts of large dogs or wolves (but not mixed).

Nivolk tend to have several common traits:

  • Nivolk live in harmony with nature, and may have contact with druids, zentries, or other more fantastical woodland animals.
  • Nivolk live in a state of balance, and their communities are often at a state of balance. They can exist without damage for an extended period of time. They do not have to think about how to modify or mitigate their effect on the terrain like most human settlements, it is nearly instinctual.

Nivolk are not known for a great set of contradictions, but they too have several disadvantages as a group that they fight to overcome.

  • Nivolk do not have a fondness for technology. Some may have qualms about worked metals.
  • Nivolk are not tolerant of those willfully abusing nature.
  • Nivolk are enemies of goblin and orc kind, and this puts them as an unwitting first line of defense for humanity.
  • Nivolk are suspicious of large cats, and have been hunted by panther like creatures. Nivolk are really wary of Kitra.
  • Nivolk are nearly the opposite of dwarves when it comes to strong drink.


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