The 6 Cities

Overview of the 6 Cities & Siegus
The 6 Cities & Siegus surround Darken Lake, which is either the foundation of, or named for the language that all share Drakun.

Many of the cities are known for different traits, but they share a language, and all are connected by an ancient road. Trade, language, and the road link them all together.

Cities and locations in the 6 Cities
Gryffens Meadow
Water’s Edge
The Great Swamp
Darken Lake
Oakgate Woods

The Six cities are at a point much like Liaha was just before Savan Tridegen’s father ascended to the throne. The cities are all independent, and may work toward common goals, or may fight each other more fiercely than any other enemy.

Each individual city is its own actor and it will change with who is currently in power.

Unlike Liaha, the Six Cities have true mercenary companies. The potential for strife between cities, a wandering groupings of goblins or more sinister monsters create a need that a mercenary company can fill. Some are nothing more than a band of friends, while others field a small, but extremely competent army to the field.

The 6 Cities

The Sundering Kerian