The Kitra Plains

The plains are known as the Kitra plains, the Kitra lands, or derisively as ‘the litterbox’.

The Kitra Plains are a wide and vast plains that span the majority of the continent and are ringed by a range of mountains. It is said that Bast had put her paw down and declared that was where her children would have their homeland.

And so they did.

The Kitra plains are dominated by Kitra.

There are few permanent cities on the Kitra plains, with many of the Kitra living a fairly nomadic lifestyle. Traveling not just for food, but because they can’t keep still.

The Kitra in the mountains are much like their plains counterparts with a few small permanent settlements, and some nomadic tribes, but again limited by food, and the number of Kitra leaving to see the world.

The Kitra Plains

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