The Sundering

The Sundering happened around 2000 years ago. The Sundering is when magic left the world. If it was locked away, drained, or fled isn’t known.

What is known is seemingly overnight Elvin cities disappeared, magical creatures vanished, and the gods left man to fend for himself. Wizards who had thought themselves as powerful as the gods were rendered powerless and many were killed as others disappeared or otherwise hid.

There are tales of wizards fighting, of races no longer seen (besides the Elves!), and of gods fighting to protect or condemn the world. The aftermath has left us with the legacies of the gods:
Pyr the magic-killer.
Dowskill the dawnbreaker. The lord of lost hope.
Tynerion the Knight Errant. Forever fighting for a lost world.
Bastel the Warrior. Nobility through strength.

A time of darkness had descended on the world.

The world was once a place of high fantasy, of magical trinkets and wizards. A world of dangers posed by fantastical creatures. Now it is a world of men, of dwarves and the occasional Kitra.

Now it was a place where a band of orcs posed a dangerous threat. Where kingdoms fell from failing magics, from depending on magic to defend instead of other means.

Not all lands faced the same challenges, but in what would become Liaha, Morlan, Valor, and some points beyond were struck with a sudden loss in real magical power. Other creatures that didn’t rely on magics swarmed in and took advantage.

The Goblin Wars (some places they were the Orc Wars) had begun. Large tribes of goblins and orcs attacked settlements and drove the population further and further into cities. During these battles many heroic warriors fell, and simply farming a field was a very dangerous proposition.

The different cities tried to fend for themselves, and what were once squabbles, had become battles. People were fighting monsters and cities from afar. The future looked bleak.

The tide was eventually turned, but the damage was done. Cities were left abandoned, nobles had become commoners, bandits had become king. It would take humanity generations upon generations to rebuild to what they once had.

The Dawn of the New Gods

Hundreds of years after the Sundering occurred a collection of men and dwarves lived and died. People looked to them for hope and prayers. Surprisingly there was an answer. What was once magic, was now miracle, and had returned to the world. The miracles were infrequent, but also impossible to ignore.

Even though the New Gods arose about 1000 to 1500 years ago, a state of equilibrium has appeared in magic. An occasional miracle has been granted from the gods, but magic is not widespread.

There have been whispers of an occasional wizard, a magic sword or staff is found, but the proof of these men and items have been difficult to verify.

The year of the Dragon

The past year has been referred to as the Year of the Dragon. Two dragons, one golden and one red have been found at the edges of the kingdom. The dragons were small, and directly attacked their opponents.

After the second dragon attack, skeletal warriors had been found around Strata.

A cleric to Uster arrived in the capital, and despite nefarious designs offered healing to people inside the city. Before his downfall a dragon of new magics* left the city.

  • Tinkerers and sages are calling their inventions and developments technomancy a new form of magic. This author is not taking a stand if what they do is a form of magic, or something more mundane. It is known as a magic of learning, of planning, and may not reside in just one man, but often takes a team to accomplish. It has led to the creation of great machines, and made the injured whole again.

The Sundering

The Sundering Kerian